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used over the summe●r to cope with a spike in electricity usage for air conditioners during a heat wave.June 27 (Xinhua) -- China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal as part of its ec●onomic structural reform, Premier Li Keqiang vowed as he addresseU

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d the opening of the● Annual Meeting of the New CZ

hampions 2016, or Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Monday. Th●e government will continue to focus especially on supply-side structural reform by re●ducing supply of inefficient and low-end products and services while encouraging more● in-demand and premium ones, a procesU

s that will boost economic growth, Li y

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told deleg●ates at the forum. An important part od

f the supply-side reform is cutting excess cap●acity in sectors including steel and coal, and this will be further pushed mainly "wi●th a market-oriented and law-abiding approach," he said. According to the premier, g●overnments and enterprises will take measures to2

reemploy steel workers and coal mine

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駌s made redundant. "Overcapacity is a global chalU

lenge and China stands ready to be ●a responsible country with all these proactive measures," he said. The government wi●ll reform on its own services to cut red tape and regulate emerging sectors or busine●ss models, Li said. He also promised that China will make aW

djustments in fiscal, fin●ancial and 2

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    investment areas to guide support towards the real economy, deepen reforms● in state-owned enterprises and give private firms more access to the market. BEIJING, March 5 (Xinhua)6

    -- Numerical targets to reduce coal and ●steel production capacity have, for the first time, been set in t●he annual Chinese gP

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    overnment work report. China will reduce stee●l production capacity this year by around 50 million metric tons ●and shut down at least 150 million metric tons of coal productionJ

    ● facilities, Premier Li Keqiang said Sunday in a government work ●report to the fifth session of the 12th National People's 4

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    Congres●s. Last year's government work report promised capacity-cutting ●in the two industries, but did not specify targets. In 2016, the● country reduced coal capacity by 290 7

    million metric tons and ste●el capacity by 65 million metric tons for steel, said the premier●. Continued capacity reductionM

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